Weekly Radio Concert

Launched in 1982, “Weekly Radio Concert” is the longest and most influential popular concert series in China. Since its start, the sponsor, keeping with its position of “high quality, low ticket price, popularity and service”, has carefully selected programs giving priority to the theme of the times and creativeness. The concert is equipped with rolling captions and music experts are often invited to be commentators on site to provide the audience with a high-quality artistic experience.


“Weekly Radio Concert” contains classical and traditional music series and jazz, new folk music and film music series and is held in both China and overseas. The live performances are also broadcast through radio and online platforms. In addition, the concert pushes the boundary of innovation and often explores the multi-media means and combines other artistic forms. Alongside the concert, masters’ classes are regularly organized to offer the public a chance of music education.


After years of efforts, “Weekly Radio Concert” is now a shining pearl in Shanghai’s urban cultural landscape. It has won the honor of “Fine Media Brand in Shanghai”.


Time: 10:30 am Sunday Morning

Venue: Shanghai Concert Hall

Live Radio Broadcast: FM 94.7

Live Video Broadcast: http://live.knkannews.com

Live Audio Broadcast: http://www.fm947.cn