Huangpu River Sentiments

“Huangpu River Sentiments” series is a themed acrobatic show performed by Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe that expresses strong Shanghai sentiments. On the basis of fully tapping the essential elements of traditional programs, it retains the thrilling, exciting and joyous qualities of acrobatics and pursues an exquisite, elegant, enthusiastic and passionate performing style. Through new concepts, high-tech and multi-media means, it stresses the spirit of Shanghai and unfolds the vicissitudes of the city. The new edition of the program contains superb performance, which has been popular for long. Many of its items have received gold awards at international and domestic contests.



The series gives full expression to Shanghai’s inclusive quality and its unique charms as an international metropolis. The audience and industry experts have all praised the how, saying that “it contains a creative concept and good ideas and reflects Shanghai customs and features”, “it positions accurately, reflects the characteristics and spirit of Shanghai, contains traditional and national features and that of the region south of the Yangtze River and modern fashionable elements, and makes a good combination of acrobatics and dance.”