Merry Circus – Green Homeland

“Merry Circus Series – Green Homeland” is the first multi-media circus in China. In the form of personification, it displays in different perspectives how man, nature and animals getting along in harmony. The show uses multiple means to blend the best of western circus with the traditional Chinese circus, and the application of multi-media technologies in circus makes the audience feel as if they are in close contact with the animals in a natural environment.



Since its premiere on 31 December 2010, “Green Homeland” has been well received by children and their parents, becoming a noted brand in the market for this population and winning the “Excellent Performance Award” for new plays in Shanghai. The show has won wide acclaim from the media and all walks of life, saying that “it has achieved an all-round breakthrough in sound, lighting and stage art and the foreign music composer and the clown performed by a senior artist are a pleasant surprise to the audience,” “the performance contains less scenes of tamed animals and more ones of happy, contented and free animals,” “different from the past when the audience were just spectators enjoying the performance of animal stars, ‘Green Homeland’ encourages interaction, giving the children more opportunities to get close to their four-feet friends”.