ERA - Intersection of Time

The super multi-media dream play “ERA – Intersection of Time” takes as its consistent motif of yesterday, today and tomorrow and skillfully integrates advanced multi-media technologies with traditional Chinese art of performance. In a unique perspective and ingenious conception, it adopts an entirely new concept and combines such art elements as acrobatics, dance, drama and music. The application of high technology, such as surrounding stereo system, high-end multi-screen projection and painstakingly designed extra-large water screen, giant mirror wall, air sliding rail and ground vestibule, enables the performance to take place in a multidimensional space.



The performance uses original music only and is played by a band on the spot. The audience can also experience the special stage effects of unique sound, lighting, electricity, water screen and smoke, and become a part of the performance by interaction with the performers.


What is special of the performance is that it injects more artistic and technological elements into traditional acrobatics and that the packaging by an international team heightens its visual impact and artistic awe, which the audience finds intriguing. It contains eight highlights, including Mirror of Time and Space, Sounds of Nature and Wheel of Life, each being a feast for the eyes.



“ERA – Intersection of Time” has been performed for nine years (everyday) now, 3,300 performances in all and a combined audience of 3.38 million, with a box office of 45 million yuan. It has garnered almost all the national awards, including National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base, 2nd Innovation Award of the Ministry of Culture, top ten play of the National Fine Stage Art Project 2006-2007, National Fine Reserved Play, National Key Cultural Export Enterprise, National Key Tourism Project, Top 30 National Cultural Enterprises, Famous Brand of Shanghai, and Shanghai Spiritual Civilization Model Unit.



It has won the praise of the media, statesmen, experts and scholars, cultural celebrities and ordinary audience, and has been hailed as “one of the best shows in Asia”.