The Oriental Pearl TV Tower

The 468-meter-high Oriental Pearl TV Tower, located among clusters of modern buildings in Lujiazui, Pudong and by the bank of the Huangpu River, showcases the magnificent landscape of metropolitan Shanghai. 



The Oriental Pearl TV Tower fulfills a wide range of functions including sightseeing, catering, shopping, entertainment, river tour and historic exhibition. It is one of Shanghai’s most symbolic edifices and tourist attractions, and is listed among the first batch of 5A tourist destinations in China.


Rich in imagination, the architect designed a bead of 11 spheres of varying sizes stretching from the clear-blue sky to the green grass, the largest two of which look like rubies from afar. It offers a dreamy and breath-taking view of “big and small pearls hitting a jade plate”.



The Tower is supported by three leaning pillars and three columns each having a diameter of three meters and is composed of a square, a base, a lower sphere, five smaller spheres, the upper sphere, the Space Cabin and the antenna mast. The 351-meter-high Space Cabin, the 263-meter-high upper sphere, the 259-meter-high transparent sightseeing corridor, and the 90-meter-high lower sphere’s outdoor sightseeing deck, all offer a majestic view of high-rises and crisscrossing streets. At night, Oriental Pearl TV Tower is a kaleidoscope of colors and offers a magnificent panorama of Shanghai.



ShanghaiCity History Museum, at the zero meter hall of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, covers an area of over 10,000 square meters, and is an innovative museum combining history, culture, tourism and entertainment. In a bid to give visitors a chance to take a walk down the history lane, look for Shanghai’s past, and savor Shanghainese culture, the museum is highly interactive. It combines history and modern technologies by integrating artifacts, models, multimedia and others. With the help of modern technologies, visitors can fully immerse themselves in history and culture.



The Revolving Restaurant of Oriental Pearl TV Tower, 268 meters above the ground, offers a splendid view of Shanghai and a wide range of cuisines from around the world. It is well known for its breath-taking view, outstanding cuisine, and world-class services. The restaurant, covering 1,500 square meters, can house 350 visitors, offers culinary and scenic delights with a wide assortment of Western, Southeast Asian, and Chinese cuisines, supplemented by buffets, interactive multimedia facilities, and a great bar.



The Coca-Cola Theme Restaurant of Oriental Pearl TV Tower takes the form of a Coca-Cola bottle cap and aims to bring diners the same amount of fun as a bottle of Coke does. As an interactive theme restaurant based on the innovative concept of O2O, it offers educational and engaging games such as Happy Garden and Parents-Kids Cooking Lessons; it offers Chinese cuisine, Japanese food, Southeast Asian snacks and western delicacies; it has an open kitchen that allows more interaction between diners and chefs; Coca-Cola themed interactive facilities and videos will bring novel experiences as cool as a bottle of Coke does to customers.


No.8 in Old Shanghai, a restaurant offering local food, is hidden in the woods at the foot of the Tower. Located at the No.8 Entrance of the Tower, it has halls for large-scale wedding banquets and business dinners. All of its separate chambers offer magnificent views. It is a great choice for local food. 


Pujiang Tour

The Oriental Pearl Cruise Dock is located by the bank of the Huangpu River, Pudong, and occupies over 2,200 square meters. Three home-grown tour cruises, Zhonghua, the Oriental Pearl and the Oriental Pearl No.2, vary in styles, but all offer recreation, cuisine, business, wedding banquets, parties and other on-water services at different price ranges.