Shanghai Radio & TV Weekly

Shanghai Radio & TV Weeklywas first published in May 1955. With a founding motto “to gain a foothold in the acoustic world, and serve all families”, it targets radio, TV and magazine audiences. Its social influence contributes to the prosperity of the radio and TV industry. It was originally named Shanghai Radio Weekly.



Shanghai Radio & TV Weeklywas once the keeper of three national records among newspapers of its kind: the earliest to be founded and published, boasting the largest circulation and the most commercial profits. Today, it reports major radio and TV news and promotes good shows. Bolstered by the continuing development of Shanghai’s radio and TV industry, it keeps its professionalism while growing in influence and readership, and thus becomes one of the most popular and welcomed newspapers in Shanghai.  


Shanghai Radio & TV Weeklymaintains and highlights its edge of full coverage of radio and TV, prioritizes good reader services, focuses on social hotspots and people’s life, offers customized services to varied segments of readers and provides behind-the-scenes stories and the latest, most captivating information on TV shows.


Shanghai Radio & TV Weeklyis published in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region. Its circulation not only finishes first among similar provincial-level newspapers, but is also a forerunner among major magazines and newspapers in Shanghai.