CBN Daily

CBN Daily is China’s first market-oriented daily newspaper for business and finance that crosses different regions and media formats. Committed to becoming “a responsible voice for this era”, sticking to journalism principles that ensure authoritative, mainstream, professional, responsible, reasonable, and market-oriented coverage, CBN Daily has become one of the most influential and trusted newspapers of its kind.



Published from Monday to Friday, printed in 11 cities across China, covering China’s main economic belts and major business cities, CBN Daily attracts a wide readership in every province, autonomous region and municipality and remains a forerunner among newspapers of its kind by circulation.


CBN Daily is also available now on iPad.


Spirit of this newspaper: To be “A Responsible Voice for This Era”

As a mainstream newspaper, we champion the power of business, closely follow its glorious march forward, and track the flows and movements of capital and wealth;


In the meantime, it is clear to us that business, despite being a symbol of this era, at its core, is more than just fashion trends and money.


Business, to us, is a responsibility.


Responsible business engenders a civilized society.


Irresponsible business undermines a civilized and harmonious society.