CBN Radio

CBN Radio (97.7 FM) boasts the best expertise domestically in the area of finance and business broadcasting. The simulcast of its programs via a number of stations nationwide has made it extensively influential. It’s ranked among the top ten most influential radio stations that have a direct bearing on people’s well-being in China. It also broadcasts via satellite. It is the first radio station on the Chinese mainland to have launched its App on iPhone.


CBN Radio (97.7 FM) broadcasts 16 hours of finance and business related information a day. It is the only provincial-level finance and business radio broadcaster in China that simulcasts its news and themed programs in other provinces. The radio station presents amongst many other programs current affairs, securities-related news, programs with special themes, commentaries and analyses. The morning news program 60 Minutes of Economic Lifeis among the top ten most influential radio programs in people’s well-being.


With CBN Radio (97.7FM), you learn how to savor and enjoy wealth.