Pop Music Radio 103.7

The pop music radio (Love Radio 103.7 FM) is one of the subsidiariesof SMG, which promotes a slow-paced life accompanied by quality music. It targets the white collar community in the city while attending to emotional needs of urbanites, stimulating their enthusiasm for music.



Love Radio 103.7 FM is the only music radio in Shanghai that operates 24 hours a day, and is among the city’s first radio stations. It is also the first radio station to have engaged international strategic consulting firms to conduct industrial strategic planning. It boasts many renowned DJs, operates with world’s leading management and operation approaches, and uses the most international radio broadcasting methods.


Over the years, Love Radio 103.7 FM has developed many creative programs, for example, the Music Live Show where artists play live music on the air, the 103 Inn where hosts give in-depth reviews on musical pieces, the Karaoke Fanatics promoting the idea of singing while commuting, which grew in popularity among its targeted community. Its signature programs like Good Morning New Discoveries and Entertainment Right on Time are ranked among the most popular radio programs in the city.  


In addition to non-stop melodious music around the clock, Love Radio 103.7 FM offers audience unique interactive activities like “Star of Tomorrow DJ Selection”, “Favorite VIP”, and “Gentlemen VS Ladies”.

Tune in on the international Love Radio 103.7 FM, your one and only love.