899 Driving Channel of East City Radio

East City Radio, founded on 28 October 1992, is the first radio channel in China to introduce audience telephone participation in live programs, which has aroused a gust of “east whirlwind” in China’s radio community. Broadcast in dual channels of FM 89.9/AM792, the programs cover an audience of over 100 million in Shanghai and other major cities in the Yangtze Delta.


On 2 February 2015, the brand-new 899 Driving Channel of East City Radio was launched. The channel focuses on the segment of private car owners and offers differentiated programs. Its slogan is “Your Car will Love It, 899 Driving Channel”.


As an innovation, 899 Driving Channel has put forward the format of “live broadcast on the move” with the programs of 899 Big Eyes on week days and 899 Trail-blazing Pioneer on weekends. The 899 live broadcasting vans travel in the city from dawn to night every day. The radio hosts go to and off work together with the audience, greeting them from inside the van, They also visit cultural places in Shanghai, discover urban landscape from different perspectives, and tell the audience stories about Shanghai’s history and culture on the spot. In combination with the new media Archimedes, programs are also presented in visualized form to facilitate real-time interaction with the audience.


The channel’s staff include a number of star hosts, such as Qu Cheng and Zhu Xiaolin, both Golden Microphone Award winners, Mengxiao and Zhu Yangyang, winners of SMG Renowned Broadcaster and Presenter Award, as well as Shen Lei, Jiehui, Ye Sha, Xiaolei and Huang Zhen. Focusing on private car owners, the programs of 899 Driving Channel consist of three categories, namely programs for morning and evening peak hours, including 899 On the Way to Work and 899 On the Way off Work; those on life services for car owners, such as D Times of Car and899 Car Owners Club, and those on car life, including Qu Cheng’s Hotline, Oriental Counsel, Famous Doctors On-site Diagnosis, and those as relaxing driving companion, including A Frank Talk, Starlight Outside the Car-Mengxiao’s Time andAccompany to the Dawn. In addition, several new programs will also be launched onto 899 Driving Channel, including Archimedes’ Car Trunk, a product of integration with new media, Haiyang’s Live Show hosted by Haiyang, a Golden Microphone Award winner, and 899 Trail-blazing Pioneer,the first program of “live broadcast on the move”.