Great Sports Radio

Great Sports Radio (FM 94.0), launched on 8 August 2004, is the first dedicated radio channel on sports in Shanghai. It provides sports fans in Shanghai with a comprehensive, authoritative and in-depth platform of sports information, with its brand-new production mode characterized by news rotation, audience interaction and linkage with TV. In the recent years, the channel has combined sports, leisure and fitness, providing more service to its audience.


90% of all the Great Sports Radio programs are open for audience interaction through telephone or text message.


The most prominent feature of Great Sports Radio is its linkage with the Great Sports TV channel. Such outstanding TV hosts as Tang Meng and Lou Yichen have joined the daily midday program The Powerful Trio, making an attempt in radio program presentation and production. The audience can enjoy their different charm as radio hosts. As far as sports events are concerned, the Great Sports Radio and the Great Sports TV, are the anchor station of Chinese Football Super League (CSL), and jointly hold the copyright of CSL, CBA, etc. As for programs, premier TV programs, such as Quick Review on Sports Today, 17DP, 19:00 Sports News, 22:00 Sports Night Line, etc. have been introduced into Great Sports Radio, with a view to meeting the audience’s demand for listening to TV programs on the move.