Story Radio

The Shanghai Story Radio (FM 107.2) bases itself on story and focuses on content. Taking story selection, story making and story-telling as the core competitiveness, the channel conveys humanistic care through stories. Targeting people under 45 as the major audience, the channel strives to build up an image of sincerity, pragmatism and quality.


Since 1 January 2014 when the new layout was launched, the channel has been focused on both the peak time of radio listening and evening slot, the traditional prime time for story programs. While being capable of producing language radio products, the channel has also put forward its featured one-hour continuous broadcast in view of the change in people’s habits and the demand of those on the move, trying to attract the audience with contents rich in cultural elements.


The channel’s new layout focuses on a variety of story programs. It broadcasts news and stories about fortune, celebrities, love, martial arts, thriller, mystery, law and fairy tale for 18 hours a day, including long and short stories, stories for adults and for children, fiction and documentary, and those in mandarin and Shanghai dialect.


The channel boasts the best story-tellers. For example, there are Liang Hui and Yi Feng, two National Story-telling Artists, and Meimei, a Golden Microphone Award winner. They all have good reputation for their broadcasting art in the industry and have enjoyed a profound influence among the audience for a long time.


Shanghai Story Radio has the most magical voices. Liang Hui and Yi Feng, the first ERC Voice Models, as well as a group of promising young hosts including Fangfang, Zhou Lin, Beichen and Guimin, form a professional team with a desired age structure.


Shanghai Story Radio is also known for the best learning atmosphere among Shanghai radio media. The two reading programs, namely 60-Minute Happy Reading broadcast daily and Best-seller Book List on weekends, and the new offline event  Weekly Radio Reading Party, complement each other, convey cultural information and promote happy reading. They have, as a whole, offered the audience a fancy spiritual fiesta. Pursuant to the orientation of differentiation competition, the channel will stress on its literary and cultural atmosphere and put forward weekend programs, namely Meeting in 1072, Bright Moon of the Tang and Song Dynasties and Classics Reread, in addition to the existing three reading programs.


Shanghai Story Radio has serious and diligent editing staffs, who have been meticulously presenting feasts of pleasant sound. A number of famous programs, such as Liang Hui’s Talk on the Law, Archives Disclosure, and Criminal Police 803-Mysterious Case Theatre, have been sold to dozens of radio stations in over ten provinces and municipalities and aroused great enthusiasm of the local audience.