Channel of Drama and Traditional Opera

The Channel of Drama and Traditional Opera inherits the long-lasting traditions, and is committed to carrying forward traditional operas. Founded on 15 July 2002 as the first dedicated radio channel on traditional operas, it originates from the former Culture and Art Channel of Shanghai People’s Radio.


Based on traditional opera appreciation, the channel has retained a number of old brands with a history of over 20 years, or even 50 or 60 years, such as Radio Yose, Talking and Singing, Chatting of Afugen, Weekly Opera Expo, Funny Wang Xiaomao, Criminal Police 803, Laughter and Singing, and Zhejiang and Shanghai Opera Art.


While keeping traditions, the channel also has the spirit of innovation. For example, it has the extemporaneous short piece Theater-goer Yang and Sister Ma. In the program Everyone’s Opera, actors are invited to teach opera singing via the radio. Audience can listen to amazing stories on traditional opera masters in the program Opera Stories. All the programs indicate that the channel orientation gives consideration to both appreciation and service.


The Channel of Drama and Traditional Opera is also a unique radio channel in Shanghai, which is broadcast mainly in the local dialect. With over half of the programs broadcast in Shanghai dialect, the channel tries to deliver and teach idiomatic Shanghai dialect to the audience. It broadcasts programs on special local operas of Shanghai, such as Shanghai Opera, Shanghai farce, etc.


Carrying forward hundreds of years of traditional arts and presenting them in energetic modern approaches, the Channel of Drama and Traditional Opera  sincerely hopes to become a spiritual home for opera fans.