Shanghai News Radio

It was formerly the 990 News Channel (FM 93.4, AM 990) under the Shanghai People’s Radio, and the very first channel of the radio station when it was launched on 27 May 1949. Now it is broadcast around the clock with Shanghai as the central area and covers Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces as well. Thanks to the joint efforts of generations of radio professionals, 990 News Channel ranked first in audience rating and market share among all radio channels in Shanghai. Its market share had remained about 30% for years. The franchise program of the channel, 990 Morning News, had an audience share of over 50% among all the programs in the same time slot. After it was transformed into Shanghai News Radio on 2 February 2015, the channel has continued to produce programs with news and hot issues at the core. It strives to produce programs around the clock with the latest news, the most authoritative in-depth coverage, the best news commentary and the most active interaction with audience. It aims to attract more young audience and exert mainstream media influence through exciting contents delivered in up-to-date formats.



In the design of programs, Shanghai News Radio will build four news fronts for morning, midday, evening and night. Targeting the local audience, it emphasizes local affairs and characteristics, and presents national and international horizons. While still pursuing authoritativeness and high standard through existing programs such as Early Morning News, 990 Morning News, 08:00 News, Midday News and Tonight, the channel has launched a brand new night program, Newsroom, which is an attempt in presenting news in a relaxing dialog style at night.


In addition, a number of renowned columns such as Haibo’s Hotline, Residents’ Governmental Affairs-Link to 990, Raise Your Kids Right and See the World in a Legal Perspective will be presented to the audience with a brand new look. The channel will also embrace an open mind in program production by getting closer to the audience and the community.