TV Drama Channel

The TV Drama Channel is the only channel in Shanghai that broadcasts TV dramas throughout the day. It offers excellent domestic and foreign TV dramas in large volume, high intensity and wide coverage. Through such activities as new drama release media briefing, crew meeting, prizes for watching, recruitment of the drama committee, and community and university promotions, the channel has further enhanced its close interaction with its audience, and has attracted, developed and retained a large loyal audience over the years.

TV dramas on family and romance, history and legend as well as classic melodramas are broadcast 24 hours all day long.



Golden Theater

Time: four episodes from 19:00 to 22:20 everyday throughout the week.

Orientation: female, emotion, legend, inspirational


Choicest Theater

Time: two episodes from 22:20 to 24:00 everyday throughout the week.

Orientation: espionage, emotion, gangster, classic


630 Sitcom Theater

Time: from18:30 to 19:00 everyday throughout the week.

Orientation: Folk humor, Dramatic life